About us

We began in 2010 in a simpler informal way before becoming the Convenience Store in Alappuzha. The entrepreneur and creator initiated AVS Ruchi Products was a homemaker then. And she still is a homemaker. Her name is Viji Gopal. Viji was inspired to be food products supplier to make toxin-free food products since she found the harm of chemical contents in food shelves of shops and homes.

As our brands were welcomed overwhelmingly, she substituted organic cosmetics and beauty care products free from chemicals in our market.The formula behind the growth of AVS Ruchi Products and all its formulas is QUALITY.

It manufactures every food and external cream exclusively by organic stuff. The processing involves minimal loss of values of herbs.We have a running range of 23 food and beauty products right now. Innovations add newer ones further. Your support is the sole powerhouse of AVS Ruchi Products.

We redefine reform and renovate our products as your feedback on the site to provide Best Food Products and Skin Care Products. We will be most glad and grateful for any response.


To make you practice an Organic and Healthy Lifestyle by using our Food Products & Beauty Care Products, thereby increasing your health and beauty


To see a healthy future generation understanding and valuing nature’s products and are free from adulteration and chemical usage